Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I love you my Friend

Perhaps I hide it well,
But if you look close,
You're sure to find..
That I love you,
With heart, soul,
Body, and mind.

I spend my days and nights,
Thinking about you;
Sometimes I'm elated and hopeful,
And sometimes I'm down and blue..
Waiting for these sweet dreams,
Of us to come true.

I have a picture of us, in my mind,
The way that I wish it could be,
For you and me.
It's not difficult to see..
That were as perfect together,
As the shore and the sea.

The ribbons for you around my heart..
Are the ties that bind,
For I am a slave to the oldest type of bondage
Known to mankind.

I will always be here waiting for you.
My heart ever so hopeful ,
That these dreams of you may come true.
But whether or not they do,
I will always love you.

Because our friendship is genuine and true.

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